Thursday, September 23, 2010

I'm in the market, as it were.*

Sarah's Post about her daughter reminded me of a few weeks ago when Martha was in town. I was hanging out at Joanna and Ben's house and we had just eaten. Tommy wanted us to "crash" which pretty much meant that he would fall on to me from the arm of the couch. I told him I needed to digest and he said, "Yeah, you be Jess." It cracked me up. So then I said, "You need to digest." He said, "I'm not Jess!" and laughed. I tried it a few days later and it still worked. It just made me laugh.

Last night was Frisbee night. It certainly wasn't my a-game, but it was one of the funnest nights I've had in a while. I couldn't stop laughing! My friend, who I call Benny at Frisbee and Brother Ben at church, was finally on my team after a several months absence. When people are not on your team you don't notice them as much, you're worried about guarding them and avoiding being guarded. So I forgot how hilarious he is. Before we started the game Benny and I practiced catching ridiculous passes (and if you've played Frisbee you've probably seen some of these passes, the Frisbee slicing through the air vertically, lopped sided, upside down, tossed rather than thrown properly, etc.)

Then the game started. A bunch of running/walking back and forth and trying to block throws. Pretty routine stuff. Then at one point Benny got the Frisbee and he threw a short pass to me, then I threw a short pass to him, then we just went back and forth up the field. We were both laughing because it just seemed that someone would stop us soon, they would just run between us and knock the Frisbee down with their hand...but they didn't. What lost us the Frisbee was that I was laughing so hard I missed the extra step that would have brought me close enough to catch the Frisbee. But it was okay, I didn't beat myself up because I was having a good time.

At one point Benny had the Frisbee and I was running down the field and I looked, he looked and I thought, "This is our moment, where all our practice pays off" (p.s. that was in an overly dramatic, humorous way, I wasn't actually serious) but then he threw it, he threw it in one of those unorthodox ways you throw a Frisbee to try and make it go far and fast. I ran for it, my intense 5-minute training running through my mind. I tried to imagine myself catching this crazy pass when the Frisbee thudded into the ground several feet in front of me. I never had a chance. I was laughing though and then Benny came up and said how he saw several more viable throws he could have made, but then he saw me running down the field and knew this was the moment we had waited for. It made me laugh that we both thought the same dramatic sports movie thoughts.

It wasn't just having Benny on my team either, I also had Cam - who has never been on my team. Normally he is the guy who steals/blocks my passes or with an eye single to the Frisbee runs right into me and practically knocks me to the ground. He is a gentle giant though, if he can catch you before you hit the ground he will. Still doesn't change that it's pretty scary to see out of the corner of your eye this big dude running at you. Plus, even with all of my blunders and misses (oh and really bad passes to Brittany...she's short, I'm tall, it's hard to estimate how to throw the Frisbee) we were winning. Even at one point the other team had 10 and we had 7 but we were fighting like lions we were (more like clumsy cubs but lions nonetheless). It was just one of those great nights at Frisbee.

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