Friday, February 15, 2008

Birthday Celebrations

Wednesday was Chubbers first birthday! He was officially three-hundred and sixty-five days old and to celebrate you know what he did? He ate 7 cupcakes that my roommate, Emily, had sitting on the counter. Not only did he eat the cupcakes but he ate the wrappers as well! Since he already had eaten seven cupcakes I thought that I would let him lick the spoon from the second cake batter used to replace the original cupcakes. I know, I’m a bad mom, not only am I spoiling him but I’m giving him an opportunity to contract salmonella. Don’t worry folks if that’s not enough punishment for him he did spend a good amount of time in time out, but it was his birthday, that only comes once a year and in doggy years who knows if it will come 10 times total, he only has one life he’s going to live it on the edge! I will not let my human children do that though, don’t worry, strict rules to become productive members of society and they won’t lick spoons from cake batter, no way, nothing but beaters for my human kids.
Needless to say Chubbers had quite the sugar rush and he was completely annoying! He was jumping on everything, running around with his little paws making that annoying tapping sound, he kept getting in my face and Emily’s face, he attacked Claire when she came home and tried to follow her into her room on more than one occasion. I wanted nothing more than for him to calm down and lay on the floor while we were watching a movie, but his crash came after we were back in my room. I was working on the computer, turned around, and there he was, lying on the floor. He had a puppy sugar hang over and I like any good mom, took a picture. I think it’s safe to say that he thoroughly enjoyed his birthday.

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