Monday, February 11, 2008

Chicken! September 22nd would be a good day for chicken!

So Rub asked her uncle about my computer because he's a Dell Service Center Manager. How fortuitous that I own a Dell with a blue screen and her uncle is a manager for Dell at the Service Center? So he gave her his work number so I can call him on my lunch break. I'm really hoping that since I'll be going straight to the source of Dell knowledge that my computer will be up and running sometime this week, because deep within my bosom a desire to toss it out the car window while driving 65 mph is growing rapidly. I just want to be able to give you guys some new pictures, to budget my money on Microsoft Money, to download some new music because I’m sick and tired of all the music I currently have, and to watch movies instantly on Netflix. Am I asking too much?
You know what else I’d like to ask for? Panty hose that don’t get embarrassing runs in them before 10 AM. I went to get my morning cup of H2O and as I’m filling the cup I look down and wonder for a quick second what is wrong with my leg, and then I realize nothing, it’s the hose, they are ruined beyond repair, but when I put them on this morning they were fine. Why can’t I hang on to a pair of panty hose? Why must they all get runs in them? Why do I go through them so quickly? These are important life questions that I need answers to! I think I’m going to prepare a kit for myself to have with me at work. All the essentials; deodorant, a spare pair of hose, pony tail holders, bobby pins, a pair of earrings (because let’s face it I feel naked without earrings but some mornings I forget to put them on), maybe a little bag of candy for when my blood sugar gets to low. Travel sized toothpaste and toothbrush, floss, some breakfast bars; you know the essentials just in case for some reason I either forget to do these things at home or I get stuck at work due to inclement weather.
Just so you know, I changed my picture yet again. Now it’s the anatomy of a leader, my final project for my leadership class and the one college project I am most proud of…no one else made their final project out of food. Ugh, 45 minutes until lunch time!

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