Friday, February 1, 2008

C.S.I. Chili Cook-Off

Today work has been interesting to say the least. I get to the office, not too thrilled about being here as I am completely self doubting and paranoid lately. I have to ask the marketing assistant for the camera and she wasn’t here on time, she’s always on time if not early and I was worried that she wouldn’t be here at all, not too worried since I brought my own camera, but I didn’t want to have one other thing I was asked to do not done correctly. Then someone stops by my desk and asks me to call the maintenance crew because there is blood all over the men’s bathroom. So immediately I call maintenance to come by because, well, that’s disgusting. I investigated by asking questions because part of me wanted to see it for myself and part of me knew I would gag. Even now my wrist hurt and I want to abort writing this. I even got an e-mail later informing me yet again about the blood spatter on the mirror. After that was taken care of I had to begin to help set up for our Chili cook-off (pictures coming later). My boss was dragged off to “emergency meetings” which I didn’t realize at the time were in any way connected to the bathroom incident, but later found out that they were. From snippets of what I heard between 9 AM and 1 PM I gathered that someone from the one of the departments was not here today, whether he quit or was fired I’m not certain, and through more snippets I have connected that it is believed that he is the one responsible for the bloody bathroom. It is all really creepy. Now its 1:30, I’m exhausted and sleepy and just want to take a nap! Not only am I tired from setting up the Chili Cook-off and lunch and working through it but it’s also rainy outside, and I’m always sleepy when it’s rainy.

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