Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Maybe I'm stressed or maybe I've watched too many scary movies...

I had the creepiest dream last night. I would feel comfortable classifying this one as a nightmare. So in my dream, first off, it’s a more futuristic setting, but that doesn’t mean that I saw flying cars or anything, but mode of transportation did seem a little different. These two boys, brothers, get into this contraption, I can’t tell if it floats or what, I can’t remember, but as they are trying to get from Point A to Point B something happens and they are lucky to end up on top of a building that is obviously separated from the city they live in. I can’t quite tell but it looks like nothing connects these out lying buildings to the city…nothing, no ground or anything. So they are stuck on this building and there are two girls (sisters) stuck on the building as well. One boy and one girl are teenagers and the other boy and girl are younger. One of the boys gets on this floating device and tries to get from one rooftop to the other, but then it messes up and he almost falls to his death (or just constant falling since I still don’t see any ground) but his brother gets a hold of him and pulls him back. They are okay on the building until it starts to get dark and the little ones begin to get nervous because of stories they have heard about these creatures that inhabit the buildings outside of the city. In the city the people are getting nervous too because they know that there are people stuck in these buildings all around the outskirts of the city and they are trying to devise ways to get them safely home. The mayor happens to be the mother of the two boys and she wants to just send help to them right away but doesn’t want to abuse her authority in that way. So they do what they normally do when this happens and that is to draw a lottery. They have everyone’s names in a big round ball and it spins and the mayor reaches in and calls a name. That person is then the one that the helicopter will go and rescue, and if they can they will rescue whoever is with them. So they are calling names but they are all people that are safe in the town. One girl whose name gets called gets upset and says that she’s fine they should concentrate on getting the people stuck in the buildings. The mom really just wants to go get her boys but she keeps doing what they’ve always done. Meanwhile the teenagers stuck on the building start to get nervous too but are trying to be brave for the kids. They all arm themselves with random things they found on the building and set themselves up so that their backs face each other rather than the vast darkness surrounding them, that way they can protect each other. They (including me who doesn’t seem to be in this dream, only watching it) can hear this scampering noise coming from random places in the building.
Then I’m on the other side, I’m with the mayor, this big black guy and some weird guy as they prepare to enter into an abandoned building. They want to try to help these kids and for some reason going to this building is going to help. The weird guy has brought along a bunch of crutches to fight off whatever it is they are afraid of. They enter into one room and it is completely dark, the mayor and the black dude walk into the room while the weird guy holds the door open for them so light can come in, the light switches don’t work. Then the weird guy starts swinging the crutches and yelling, he keeps trying to hit behind the door since he can see most of the rest of the room he figures the creatures are behind the door (my heart is racing just recalling this part of the dream). He keeps doing this for a while, certain that creatures will reach out and grab the one crutch and then he and the others can attack him with the crutches that they will still have. At one point he opens his mouth to scream and this incredibly high pitched noise comes out instead. But it’s not just high pitched, underneath there is a lower pitch, I don’t know how to explain that. Maybe you’ve heard something similar to it in Jurassic Park when the T-rex gets ticked off. That’s when I brake into a cold sweat. The kids on the other building hear the noise too and I remember one of them looking down off the side of the building and just getting dizzy as I see that there is nothing nearby, that it’s too dark to tell what’s down below, that they don’t know if something is coming for them. Suddenly I woke up, I was awake but I was too afraid to open my eyes. Finally I decided that I had to because I couldn’t fall back asleep. I had my eyes open for a few seconds and then I turned on the TV because I could do that without moving and it would give me some light. Then I jumped up and turned on the light quickly. I was thirsty and hot so I turned on the fan and then went to the bathroom to fill up a cup with water, but I wouldn’t go into the kitchen at first because I was still too shaken up. Then Chubbers decided that he had to go to the bathroom so I turned on the bathroom light, then the laundry room light and I let Chubbers walk in front of me the whole way. Then I turned on the kitchen light, the dining room light, the Florida room light, and then finally the outside light. I was hesitant to turn off the lights on our walk back to the room. I put the sleeper on the TV and fell asleep with it playing. It was one of the creepiest dreams that I have ever had.

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