Friday, February 8, 2008

My picture

So out of boredom I changed my picture. Seriously, I have nothing better to do.I thought I would pick the one where I put black liquid eye liner on my lips and went for the Goth look. What do you think? It's the artist trapped deep within my soul screaming to get out. There are other options we could go with until I can finally upload pictures from my camera again. In the meantime you can choose which picture you would like (like how I make this seem like an honor for you? I have others, these all happen to be from my last year in college...hopefully not the most recent I have, but I didn't feel like going on shutterfly to find the others, which I will since I actually look sickly in all of these. Anyway, let me know.

Speaking of computers, I worked maybe a total of 3 hours yesterday going through the step by step process on the Dell website to fix my computer. Each time I got to hit the "Next" button a little sliver of hope died. I felt certain once I found the link that said, "I have a blue screen" that I had found all the answers to my problems. As it turns out there could be a myriad of reasons why you would get the dreaded blue screen, and apparently mine is a special, unknown reason. I have to download a program somehow on to a floppy disk, which luckily I already own a bunch from back in the days before CDs and flash drives. Unfortunately finding someone who still has a drive for floppy disks will be difficult. I'm hoping that the geniuses who said that I need to download this program do remember that my need for it is because windows won't boot due to a blue screen, but part of me wonders and dreads that maybe they forgot and expect that I can get online and download this program directly to my computer. Who knows what to expect at this point. I mean what if I get the program, go through the instructions, and finally get to the last page on the Dell website and they say, "You may just want to buy a new hard drive, here are some of the ones we have on sale." I may be in the market for a new computer, we'll see.

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