Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Writers and long-distance runners have much in common—discipline, competition, a long haul, delayed gratification, and loneliness.

I'm bored; I know that probably came as a surprise to you. In a way I can't complain, it was kind of what I wished for, I just wanted to be able to do whatever today and that's exactly what I got to do.
Having a lot of spare time makes me think of Castaway. Tom Hanks had all the time in the world and he created Wilson and from there developed some strange friendship with him. It's not that bad for me...yet. I do have a funny looking pen with a face and hair on "standing" on my desk, but he came that way, so no crazy pills for me just yet. However, I go through a lot of things, I reread blog entries, I look through my flash drive at old stuff I have (i.e. the comic is from 2000 and don't ask why I still have it on a disk, but for some reason or another I did...oh yeah, because I thought it was hilarious). I write e-mails, I work on my budget, I found the Book of Mormon online and have been reading that, I try to plan out my schedule so that I don't double book.
I had to set up interviews today and usually when I call people I try to sound enthusiastic, I mean, they were chosen over tons of applicants, it should be like delivering the Publisher's Clearing House, but today I wasn't feeling it, I worked through the scheduling efficiently but I didn't have the flare. The funny part was I could tell as I was saying things that I was treating it very business like and I knew I should try some more pep in the tone, but it wasn't coming to me today, I don't know if that is due to the weather or because I'm super tired. But hey, I scheduled 4 interviews in 1.5 hours which apparently is really impressive, but I can't take all the credit, most of the credit goes to the interviewees themselves, I mean, if they weren't unemployed I would have never reached them at 10 o'clock in the morning. Look at me, sounding like an acceptance speech.

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