Thursday, June 10, 2010

My entire life flashed before my eyes. It didn't take too long.*

There are three types of adventurous people -
  1. Those who risk their life for the adrenaline rush
  2. Those who hop in a car and go for an adventure
  3. Those who take a different kind of adventure, like changing jobs.
I am not the latter, I get settled in a job and I'll stay there until something forces me out. Moving works well, it's how I have changed jobs the most. I don't find playing around with my financial security a fun adventure.

I certainly can't be the 1st, I don't even like to ride roller coasters all that much, you won't ever find me jumping out of a plane or attached to a bungee cord. It's just not going to happen. That leaves me with option 2...or invisible option 4 - (which I probably am) the kind of person who doesn't have adventures (and in my case I think we would be safe to say, "So they elaborate their life stories to make them seem more fun").

I want to be a fun person. I want to not have to Google "Fun things to do...that are easy" Because not only am I not fun, inventive, or creative, but I'm also lazy. It's this way with a lot of things in my life. I want to do these things, but I just don't know how to get started and I in the end I up giving up. But while the fire is lit, I am going to try to have some more adventures!

I realized today that I really am only young once. Don't ask me why something so obvious just became clear today, but it did. When else am I going to be able to even think about joining a rugby team (though I don't think I'll go through with this one). When am I going to be able to just pick up and go somewhere? Now is the time for the adventures, I have to stop thinking I am older than I am.

It's like last night. I went to play Frisbee - I was the only girl who showed up and afterwards I was sitting and talking with the boys while we enjoyed possibly one of the last nice evenings of the summer. After joking around about how we all need to lose weight (it's funny how guys are so much like girls sometimes) and telling them about the Relief Society arms (the kind that when you wave the fat underneath your arm knocks people over as it sloshes back and forth with the perpetual force of your wave). We started to talk about cartwheels and somersaults. I mentioned to one of the guys that I never could do a cartwheel, but somersaults I did all the time. But then something happened, something changed. Suddenly I was too afraid to do somersaults! Even watching one of the guys do one last night I thought, "Watch your neck! Be careful!" When did that happen?

So it got me thinking, when we were young we were fearless. It's as we age and have more experience with pain and disappointment that these little gymnastic moves become less of a fun trick and more of a possibility to break our necks or chip our spinal cords. It's the same with anything in life. We are less willing to take chances, preoccupied with playing it safe, emotionally, physically, etc. Sure, we are perfectly safe but we are missing out on a lot.

I have actually been working on this post for a while; mostly to get myself motivated about adventuring or to convince you guys that I used to be cool. Then last night I just felt like I really do need to start getting out there more and doing more things.

So, I am still going to go through with my plan. You guys are going to get random post about the things I used to do. Whether I actually enjoyed them at the time or not will be a mystery, but looking back on them, I'm glad I went through with each and every one and I hope that I can say that for all the adventures to come!


G Sauce said...

Cool! I can understand your situation. Even though I will jump out of plane and jump with a romp attached to me; I am scared of the things I use to do. For example, climbing trees, riding bikes and roller blading. I have constant vision of what could happen that it stops me from doing anything. Crap everytime I went out in the snow I have vision of falling. It's madness.

Ash said...

I'm sad I missed frisbee now! I just wasn't feeling it the other day.

Want an adventure today? Salsa dancing in Innsbrook tonight for free!

Martha said...


Lildonbro said...

Sorry Mart - not clueless

Joanna and Ben said...

Chicken Run!!!

Lildonbro said...

Not Chicken Run either. But if either of you can prove that the line is in those movies - 15 points for getting a movie I didn't intend.


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