Friday, June 4, 2010

The watering hole? What's so great about the watering hole?*

Have you ever heard the idiom, "A jack of all trades but a master of none"? I think that applies to me. I know enough information about a lot of things, some of it for survival, some of it to impress people, some for fun, etc. What I lack is something that I am really good at (because I realize it's not the English language, I can't think how to NOT end that sentence with a preposition). Sometimes I wonder if this goes against my innate abilities. Is it possible for me to be a master of a trade? Or am I doomed to learn just enough about whatever I need.

I blame the undiagnosed learning disability. The same one that makes it impossible for me to follow anything that has a word in it I can't pronounce...for example, science class. Words I can't pronounce get skipped over as though they don't even exist...and that can lead to failure in the end. So if a topic isn't laid out for me in simple terms, it gets skipped over.

Let's talk about the water filtration system for the house. I have a well, and Dad has no experience with this type of thing and therefore, was no help. I couldn't even google it correctly for a long time so therefore, nothing got done. I found a piece of paper out by the filtration system and I started to carry it around with me like a Golden Ticket. Except I didn't understand it. All I knew was that it gave a brand name (Whirlpool) and a new set of googleable words (yes... googleable). With this new information...I googled. I not only googled, I took it to the next level, I Lowes-ed it. I typed in the information to the search bar on the Lowe's website. Lowe (ha-ha) and behold...the piece of paper I had been carrying around was the label for the filter! And it's affordable! And it comes in a two pack! And it has directions that mean absolutely nothing to me on the back! Victory folks. Small...and yet big. Will this stop the sulfur smell? I don't know, I'm hoping so.

This small victory is sweet, I feel like throwing my head back and laughing a high pitched, chipmunk laugh like the little cat from Emperor's New Groove. I have almost overcome the filtration system. I say almost because 25% of the battle is getting the filter, another 25% will be figuring out what the directions are requiring of me. The last 50% will be consumed by figuring out what the three big tanks that are part of the filtration system do and what I, as the home owner, am to do with them. Oh, and there's something about water softening salt, I think one of the tanks handles that.
First the filtration system, next the AC, move on from there to the screens, one day I will replace the windows and the siding on the house, then the roof will probably need to be replaced by that point, redo the deck slowly - piece by piece, put ceiling fans in the other bedrooms, get a new dishwasher...yeah...owning a home is great.
...And one day...I'll actually know what I am doing.


Sarah said...

lowes is so helpful! you should also hit up this blog! They have lots of home improvement tips!
I'm in love with their info and decor style :)

Joanna and Ben said...

love you Jess, and one day you will conquer all that lies before you. I believe in you, Jess!!!

Amber Lanae- said...

Whoops! I meant to type the lion king...

Amber Lanae- said...



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