Monday, June 21, 2010

Porkchops and applesauce.*

My latest adventure involves the Grand Caves. I relearned all about stalagmites and stalactites and shields, columns, etc. It was great. I remember so much more than I did in Elementary School when we went to Luray Caverns.

The water drips down and is so full of minerals that it eventually (over hundreds) of years, creates all these amazing formations. Of course, the water dripped on us and I had these horrific images of eventually becoming a rock woman, covered in minerals and unable to move. Wouldn't that be creepy? Yes. It would be, you don't even need to answer, I've answered for you.

This is a picture of the reflection pond. The way they have the lights set up is so that when you look in the pond from a certain angle you can see a "Castle" on a hill....see it? I thought it was cool.

This is George Washington's ghost (no...he did not stand still long enough as water dripped on him to become a rock apparently just looks like him). I am not actually touching it because when you touch the rock formations you leave behind your oil which makes the new water dripping down unable to latch on to it and therefore it stops growing. And I'm no killer.

The rainbow room. It looks like it continues below, but that is another reflection pond.

After the caves we went to see the Mennonites at the Farmer's Market and I found a bag of just Lucky Charm marshmallows. It's a dream come true! There are several theories about this...either the Mennonites are crazy about these marshmallows so they package them to sell in their "grocery store" or they are forbidden to eat the marshmallows, so they pick them out and package them. OR my personal favorite, a punishment for bad little children is to pick out the marshmallows while sitting in a small barn on a wooden chair at a wooden table. The greater the offense the longer the shift.


Lady Em said...

I like the notion that it is against their religious belief to eat the marshmallows. So they are picked out and sold seperately to us "English" to keep them from the sin of being magically delicious.

Lildonbro said...

Haha! Emily you crack me up!

Elaina said...

the brady bunch.

and i hope they wear gloves when they touch your lucky charms.

Aunt_B said...

That is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Peter Brady in the episode of the Brady Bunch when he was pretending to be a PI! (something to do with a missing necklace that ended up at the bottom of a hamper??)

Ok, now I'll go back and read the post in its entirety!~

Aunt_B said...

Ok, I'm forever heebed out by the huge sack of lucky charms marshmallows.......the hairs on my neck are totally standing up. They're like little tiny piece of squeeky styrafome..;)

Lady Em said...

The marshmellows are the best part! that is happiness in a bowl. toss some milk on and enjoy!

Vanessa said...

just.the.marshmallow?! Where have they been all my life?! I need these STAT!


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