Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Whoever said Orange was the new pink was seriously disturbed*

Ashley just posted on her blog about which I had never heard of before. It was a really good post and inspired me to be a little more upbeat. Sure I am still feeling the residual effects of this weekend's decision, but I am trying not to get pulled into these sad, bad, angry feelings that have swimming around inside of me. Call it trying to further suppress them, but I think I got them out enough on Sunday and then in the post on Monday. Happiness is a choice people and I am choosing to be happy.

So- inspired by Ashley's post I am now going to write about 10 (at least) awesome things:
  1. Sleeping in - There is nothing better than being able to turn off the alarm clock and go back to bed (OK there may be better things but not in my mind at the moment).
  2. Snickerdoodle cookies - Sugar cookies, rolled into a ball, dipped in cinnamon and sugar...need I say more?
  3. A good hug - There are two types of people in this world, those who give good hugs, and those who don't. I would like to always have at least one good hugger in my entourage at all times.
  4. Binding notebooks - that's my project for the day at work and I am a binding fiend. I love the feel of spiral bound books, the ease of opening them and keeping them open.
  5. The smell of a new building - I used to not like this smell, but lately it's become the smell of a new beginning, endless possibility, and Lowe's.
  6. Getting over writer's block - for those of you who know, I am writing a story. I am currently on book two and I hate when I get stuck. I can get stuck for weeks or even months, but I love the feeling when the fog clears and you just type and type and type.
  7. Friends who think I'm funny no matter what - call me egotistical, I don't care as long as you are thinking and talking about me (totally kidding) but I love to be around people who laugh all the time, makes me feel funny, prompts me to keep going, which leads to me being happier. It's a mutually beneficial, contagious cycle I crave.
  8. Followers - Yes, I love followers, I'm not going to lie and I'm not ashamed to admit it. There is some weird sort of validation in having people following your blog, even if they don't leave comments (though, comments are one step up from followers).
  9. Hammocks - Seriously if you disagree then you've never laid in a hammock before. Give me a cool, summer evening with a hammock and I'll be in heaven.
  10. Double Stuffed Golden Oreos - It may be time to go to lunch. But seriously...I am surprised it took Nabisco so long to realize that once they introduced Golden Oreos to the scene they should have created all Oreos equal. I should have seen Double Stuff Golden Oreos years ago, but I am not complaining, just happy they are finally here.

Thanks again Ashley for your post. Just writing this list made me happier today!


G Sauce said...

A good hug!!!! Oh yeah!!! Especially if it fits just right and it lingers.

Sarah said...

yeah! I love happy lists! makes me happy just reading them :)

Ash said...

I'm so glad my list inspired you to make your own!

1. Sleeping in is amazing! On Saturday I woke up at 6:30 and almost started getting ready for the day when I realized it was Saturday!

8. I've never seen someone with as many followers as you! you have 37, I have 8 - awesome!

10. They have dubble stuffed ones now? I'm so glad I know this now!

Love it!

Martha said...

Legally Blonde

G Sauce said...

Legally Blonde. How did I not even pay attention the first time I read this.

Amber Lanae- said...

I haven't even finished the post yet...but I have two comments.

First: AM I THE HUGGER IN YOUR ENTOURAGE? "Do you need to hug it out?"

*Legally Blonde!

Lildonbro said...

Sorry Amber, I had in mind a guy hugger.

Sarah said...

7 is my favorite!

Katie H said...

I like hugs, golden uh-oh oreos, snickerdoodles, and writing. SPeaking of which. I need some ideas. How do you get yours? I joined a writing group & I do believe these women expect me to actually write something. Shoot.

P.S. I will forever think you are funny. I mean it. (Ok, your sisters too, but you are my favorite. Don't tell them...)

Vanessa said...

Mmm I JUST tried golden oreos in the new DQ blizzard. Heaven.

On #1- it could be better. No alarm to interrupt sleeping in!

Hugging people is the best!

& followers are amazing, but comments are totally better. 8)


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