Wednesday, December 15, 2010

No girl wants to marry a doctor who can't tell if a man's dead or not!*

I had a crazy dream last night. I was being chased by a bear. I wouldn't say that the bear was charging me or anything but even in my dreams, a bear isn't really something I want to get close to. I would move and the bear would follow. I would move faster and the bear would get faster. It was scary for Dream-Jessica, being stalked by a bear. I eventually ran up the stairs of the porch my Dream-Home (a cabin in the woods, who would have thought) and four dogs jumped up, they let me through and then kept the bear at bay. I woke up with an uneasy feeling, the kind of heart racing only dreams seem able to produce. I kept thinking about my dream, what's it mean? So, I did what any dreamer would do...I google three main components of my dream. Being chased, the bear, the dogs.

  • Being chased - anxiety about an environmental factor
  • Being chased by a bear - BIG anxiety...usually overwhelming obstacles or competition
  • Dogs - symbolizing that your strong values and good intentions can help you conquer. They also symbolize your friends (loyalty and the such)

It was very interesting to learn these new things this morning, and kind of helps me understand Subconscious-Jessica.

So...I think the bear is the well, or lack of the well. I didn't get the loan by the way. I will get a letter of explanation, but part of me thinks I know the explanation, I haven't really had the house that long. So, I was back to square one. I was looking over the county website about connecting to the county water line and was confused on the numbers, so I decided to do the unJessica - I called. I was scared, I always sound like an idiot with these types of things (like I did with the well people).

The phone was answered quickly and I thought, "That's nice"* but it was a false sense of security. I was quickly "transferred" and then transferred again. But I finally got to speak to one lady and I told her that I was looking into connecting to the county line but I had a few questions about the pricing page on the website. From there we got to talking about my options and it turns out that I don't have to pay the amount in full before they start to do the work...wha?? I guess somewhere along the line my sources misunderstood. So I am going to speak to Katie in financing and we are going to discuss doing this sooner rather than later. And there's no penalty to pay the county back early, so should I get a hefty bonus and decide I want to just get rid of my debt to Henrico County, I could.

In other news - it's supposed to snow here tomorrow. We shall see.

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Joanna & Ben said...

"that's not nice" sorry about the loan but it looks like something else might work out, eh? I hope it does.
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