Thursday, December 2, 2010

What am I supposed to do with you now?!*

My mind has been flat lining after work this week, and pretty much since some point last week. So I'm sorry I've been MIA. Nothing too exciting has been happening, as you saw in the last post I put up my Christmas stuff on Sunday. I love Christmas.

We had a basketball game on Tuesday, we are in the playoffs. Oh - and Gretel, we play at several different locations. Last week was Mechanicsville Church of Christ. This coming week is the West End Home for Girls and Boys on Broad street (7pm - Tuesday night...). There - G gets her own little shout out.

It was a pretty fun game, someone on the other team stole my rebound from me...seriously, it was in my hands and he knocked it out. A girl on his team picked it up and hesitated so I went for it and held on for dear life. They called a jump ball and we got possession. I wouldn't say that I was angry, but I would say my "kick it up" button got pushed. I don't like when people take something that I believe is mine, and that rebound had been mine.

I guess I didn't realize how differently I was playing compared to earlier games in the season cause at one point a girl on my team, Megan, said, "Where did this aggression come from?" and I smiled and nodded and was like, "Yeah, I like it." I thought she was talking about the other team, and when the other team is more aggressive, I am more aggressive. Then she said something about the rest of the session and I realized she was talking about my aggression.

At one point I went for another rebound. There was a person from my team and a person from the other team and I ran up to take it before it went straight to the guy from the other team. I'm not exactly sure what happened, but I got that ball, and then there were arms around me and a leg hitting my butt and I was on the ground with some dude on top of me. Normally I jump right up after this, but I felt like I gave myself some time to get up - I think I was a little in shock. My left arm hurt, I guess because of the way "we" landed on it. I felt like I was going to have a heart attack, not cause my heart hurt but because my arm felt the way I imagine it hurts when you are about to have a heart attack. I keep waiting for a bruise to show up so I can take a picture and show off - but this one refuses to surface, though it still hurts like there is a huge bruise there.

Oh - so here's my complaint for the post. So Katie usually plays on my team for church ball. Recently it was announced that Isaac would be released from his calling at church - with that Stephanie and Isaac will move their records to Bon Air...and with them?! Katie and Kristen (sp?)! So I made the mistake of asking halfway through the game what Katie was going to do if Stephanie moved her records, cause I have always known that Katie would move them to Bon Air if Stephanie did, but I thought maybe we'd have some time. Get the season started so it would be too late to switch...Katie wasn't going to tell me until after the game but since I asked she had to be honest, they were moving their records, these girls aren't going to be on my team!?

Who am I supposed to play with now?! So - Richmonders...any of you looking for a basketball team in January? I'd love to have you!

In other sports news - we are still playing Frisbee...we missed the memo about it being freakin' cold! Last night it was cold and there were slick spots on the ground. I hit a puddle and slid and somehow thought I came through unscathed, until after the game when Kathryn pointed out that the back of my pants and shirt were muddy. I guess I was that cold that I didn't feel a thing. I took gloves yesterday, and that made my fingers happy...cause when your hands are cold and you try to catch a Frisbee you feel like maybe those little digits might fall right off.

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G Sauce said...

I am special. I will be coming back from New Orleans next Tuesday evening. I don't think I will be able to make it. How about the next week?


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