Friday, December 17, 2010

So here are some things I have learned this week:

*People working at the county aren't as scary as you think they're going to be

*Being chased in your dream means you are running from something, being chased by a bear means you are running from something big. Dogs blocking the way between the bear and you means you've got some great friends.

*Attitude is everything and once you make a choice to be in a good mood it starts to come a little easier.

*I now understand what a lien is.

*When one door closes another one opens

*I need to show more enthusiasm...and it doesn't take as much energy as I originally thought.

*Don't feel bad for wanting to get something done - Whenever I call people to 'follow-up' I feel bad, like maybe I'm too pushy and haven't given them enough time to follow through on their own. I need to stop feeling bad about this - in fact, I should be proud of myself - I'm not pushy enough.

*'Community' is one wickedly funny show.

1 comment:

Katie H said...

I heart Community. And you.


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