Monday, December 27, 2010

Everybody in this family needs to just calm down and eat some fruit or something.*

On Wednesday Pam and I decided to go to Noodle's and Company instead walking...don't look at me like that, it's cold outside. Pam got to go through before me and after she ordered her meal she turns to me and asks if she should buy a cookie, I laughed and said, "I don't know." She asks if I am getting a cookie and I told her I was thinking about it. So she takes the plunge and gets a cookie, in the meantime the other cashier is ready for me to make my order. I walk up to the register and start to tell him what I want and Pam walks by and says, "she's getting a cookie!" The cashier starts laughing and we both watch Pam walk away. Then I try again with my order, at the end I said, "And yes, I'm getting a cookie." He checks out what kind, nods approvingly at my choice of the giant snickerdoodle and punches it in. Then he asks if I want something to drink, I tell him I'd just like some water. So he pulls out a cup, tells me my total and I give him the money. As he is telling me where the water can be found a man walks right up to the counter and takes my cup! He just grabbed it like he'd been waiting for it. The cashier is slightly calling, "Uh, um," after the man and I am looking at the spot where my cup used to be thinking, "This always happens to me!" Because I kept thinking about the time my wheelchair was taken from me

see story below

The cashier and I both begin to laugh and he says, "Guess he didn't want you to drink water" and I fake whined and said, "But I'm thirsty." So the guy pulls out another one and I pull the cup in close while saying, "I'll just bring it in closer this time." Which got the cashier laughing again. He must be one happy guy, or a visit from Pam and I just made his day because from the moment I stepped up to his counter his day got more interesting. My money is with just a really happy guy.

So I find Pam and sit down with her and she was like, "Why is your cup so much bigger?"

And I said, "My cashier liked me." Then I told her the story of the cup thief. Once I got back to work I started to think, maybe the guy who stole my cup had a small cup like Pam's and from wherever he was sitting he kept seeing this cashier pulling out big cups for people while he was stuck with the cursed mini cup. Overcome with jealously and desire until he could no longer take it, he waited for his moment to walk up to the counter and unabashedly steal someone else's cup!

...Noodle's and Company is probably the most interesting place I have ever living in a soap opera.

Now for the wheelchair - not nearly as interesting. In college I broke my foot while playing floor hockey (p.s. in college my dad had a saying, "It's either your car or your health." because I was always calling home because I broke, burned, cut something on my body, or popped a tire, smashed a window, killed an engine or transmission on my car). I had to go through the airport on crutches at Christmas time. To make this easier, the airline prepared a wheelchair to get me around, so on my connection they were going to have one ready to take me over to the next gate. I waited and waited and waited on the airplane and then finally they had a wheelchair for me. They explained that the guy had been there waiting for the flight, but an older lady came off of my flight and sat down in my wheelchair. Not knowing me from Adam, the guy must have assumed it was me and took the lady to my connecting flight. Once they got a new wheelchair the man was hauling butt to get me to my gate in time, yelling, "Coming through!" I was either covering my eyes or getting white knuckles from holding on to the handles so tightly.

Oddly enough, when that man took my cup on Wednesday - this is the story that came to mind. So no, this doesn't happen to me all the time, but it sure does stick with me.


Rub said...

Ha ha ha! This made me laugh. Thanks for brightening my day. :)

Lildonbro said...

:) Glad you enjoyed it. It was really fun living it too! :)


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