Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Sorry about the lack of posts (not that anyone really cares) but I haven't been living at my house and I have been super busy with work and so I haven't really had time to write all that much.

Friday night I went to the Ward Christmas party. I wasn't going to go, I mean, it was on South Side...but my friend, Bryant, was leaving the next day for Christmas vacation and from there would be going out to school. I would probably never see him again and he was going and it would make his life easier if his friends went so he could say goodbye. So a few of us piled into a car and drove out there.

Once at the party I saw my old home teacher, Chris, and went to talk to him. I haven't really gotten to talk to him in a while so we were catching up and it was really loud at the party so we had trouble hearing each other. Chris asked how long I thought we could play "this game", meaning the game where someone says something and you say, "What? I can't hear you." ...FYI - we played it the whole time. At one point he said something and I thought he called me 'flapjack', he laughed and said, "why would I call you flapjack?" I shrugged my shoulders, "that's why I asked." So from then he decided that he would call me flapjack, then he was going to see how many people he could get to call me flapjack without knowing why.

So when a few of us were leaving I went up to him, held out my fist (like I was going to have him bump fists) and said, "Give flapjack some batter!" A later adaptation included me bumping fists and then opening my palm, face down and saying, "Pancakes!" I'm excited to show Chris this new development next time I see him.

So the few of us who left the party a little early went to O'Charley's for milkshakes. We got our menus and looked them over but milkshakes were not mentioned. When our waiter came Bryant decided to investigate the situation.

Bryant: Can I ask you a question?
Waiter: Sure.
Bryant: I'm a little bit concerned. (pause) I'm looking over this menu, (pause) I mean, (pause) my concern is around the fact that--
Me: Do you have milkshakes?
Waiter: Yes.
Me: That's what he's trying to ask.
Bryant: (looks at me in awe) That was brilliant, Jessica.
Me: (shrugging my shoulders) I know.

So there's my Friday night. A new nickname and praise for my intellect when it comes to menu inquiries. I. Am. Amazing.


Sarah said...

a christmas story!

Be careful out there flapjack...don't shoot your eye out!

I'm assuming you're not at home because of your water problems...I hope they get fixed soon!

The Rookie said...

A Christmas Story! (even if Sarah beat me)

Eeks for the non-home dwelling. May it all be resolved soon.


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