Monday, February 4, 2013

I can hear you getting fatter.*

Congratulations to Amber for getting the "Washington, nice apples" blogbucks.

So here are the other highlights from Texas.

Jordan ate the whole time. 

Sunday was low key, which was good cause we were still recovering from traveling.  Just eating, church and a game night!

Monday was FHE - I made Donbrons and Dumbroads for the treat.  I think one of my favorite things about the beginning of the week was that Amber would introduce me first as her best friend, and then she would introduce Jordan as her surprise. still makes me laugh - he got upgraded by the end of the week - but I think it was guilt.  Face it Jordan - I'm the favorite.

Monday I had the world's smallest breakfast - everything was small - debunking the theory that every is bigger in Texas.  Look at this syrup!
We made up for it Tuesday by having the world's largest cinnamon roll!

Three pounds of sugary death!

Then we went to the Alamo and the River Walk to try and burn some calories.

We went from the River Walk to meet up with Rub for dinner.  It was so good seeing her again!  I think it's been about three years!  That girl needs to move back to Virginia (ahem - hope you're reading this Rub)
Then we went to see the San Antonio Temple at night (we went back in the morning to do a session).

Wednesday was our spiritual/over eating day.  Temple in the morning, nap, and then lots of eating.  Institute - followed by more eating.  I think this is where the bulk of my vacation weight came from. ...we also took a lot of photos.

Note to readers - I have gotten a lot of questions on whether or not I gave Amber this black eye - I did not.  As much as I would like to claim it...
 After being at the Institute building for five hours - we were ready to eat! But - Institute was really good and Jordan and I got to learn some basic Salsa dance moves while we waited for Amber afterwards.  After Institute we agreed to put our phones away for the rest of the trip and just enjoy each other's company - I would like to note - I won...I put my phone away the longest (am I competitive? yes.)

I know. I know. Don't play with your food.

Tell me how you really feel, Jordan.

Then Thursday was time to come home.  We dropped off Jordan, grabbed breakfast and took a few photos before I had to go to the airport too.
I'm in there somewhere

This belongs up there with the giant cinnamon roll but I am having trouble moving it.  The water glasses should have been the hint that everything here was definitely bigger.

Thanks Amber, for putting Jordan and I up and making the trip so much fun! It was great spending some much needed time with one of my best friends (oh - and Jordan I guess :P)  I can't say that I loved Texas though - there was something about it that just made me a little sad on the inside.  I don't know - maybe it was the lack of vibrant color.  I don't think I'll be taking another trip to Texas unless it is to visit someone.  Plus - I've got some serious eater's remorse. 


J, K, and L said...

tommy boy!!! i love that movie.

your trip looks like it was fun. and i kinda want a picture of those huge cowboy boots. for no apparent reason. :)

C$ said...


Awww, you got to see Rub! Tender! I miss that girl!

G Sauce said...

It's not that everything is physically bigger but that the ego is bigger. SO even though that bottle was small it had a huge ego!

Glad to know that temple has that beautiful stained glass. Looks like it is a two photo session temple!

Amber Lanae- said...

I love love love love love love you. And I'm sorry the state made you a little sad inside, but I hope you know just how much good the both of you did my weary soul. And even if had to throw up on Tuesday night from all the *junk* we ate-I'd do it again over and over if it meant early morning chats with you, late night cuddles with you both, and telling everyone you didn't give me the black eye.

I love you Best Friend. And I love Jordan too. It was the perfect trip for me.

Jessica Donbrosky said...

For the record I did not cuddle with you and the few times you tried I kept saying "no"...when possible Jordan was between us. I have a reputation as a non-cuddler here and since it's true it's got to stick :)

Jessica Donbrosky said...

miss you.


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