Monday, February 11, 2013

I don't know much about boats, but I'd say that one's upsidedown.*

Ok - so I'm going to give you my weekend out of order because Friday has pictures but I want to post something.

This whole weekend was just great! I was so tired I got teary eyed when I told my roommate something completely unemotional (wish I could remember but that vague statement will have to suffice).  I wasn't sad, I wasn't overly happy, but somehow, saying the words strained my eyes and caused them to water.

Saturday, we had a basketball game at 8 a.m., against a young women's team.  I kept missing my shots at first - easy shots.  I think I was nervous about creaming young women.  I also found out that they were incredibly intimidated.  I stuffed this one girl and immediately apologized - it just didn't seem right - didn't stop me though, I continued stuffing them as often as they came up to me and tried to take a shot.  I've told people time and time again that I don't know how to back down.  Whether it's a game of Candyland with a five-year-old or a 5k race with a 60-year old. 

But the game went well - it was a good learning experience for the girls and they were really fun to play with (and we didn't lose - thank goodness!)  Their coach is actually on our team - and she did not go easy on them and told us not to either, as she put it, "they've gotten lazy" because they cream all the other youth teams.  I saw them play another youth team about an hour later and it's true...they creamed them.

The guys had two games on Saturday so I basically spent my day there.  At one point, between the guy's first game and their second, I went into the hallway because I got a phone call and Cam called out my name and then fell on the ground.  He was facing a door and looked like he was about to do a push-up and for some reason I thought he was playing a game with some kid behind the door (don't ask why that was my thought but it was).  Seeing as how I was on the phone with a more official-like call I turned and walked away so I could hear the person on the other line.  When I hung up and came back down the hall there was a small group of people helping Cam.  Bishop was one of them and I came up and asked what happened and he said that Cam was cramping up and I said, "Oh, cause he ate McDonald's?" (that's where they went for lunch between games).  I was semi-serious about it but Bishop laughed so I acted like I meant it as a joke.

....apparently he had gotten cramps in both his legs and did not call out to me in jest - but was calling for help...that's right -

I'm a jerk. 

I apologized to him a few thousand times and helped him with his recovery (walking laps with him, helping him stretch right, etc.)  He sat for a good while at the beginning of the game and then came back in.  I don't know what it was - but the boys played really well! (I'm shocked - cause they don't usually).  They beat a team that had previously creamed them.

Anyway - after that was home to shower and then straight to a baptism.  After the baptism, Ben F. and I did an Irish goodbye (leaving without saying anything to anyone) and went and got slurpees. These are the cups they had...

For those of you who don't know - this movie came out in the summer of 2011! We found a 7-11 in a time warp!  We got our slurpees and went back to the church, got scolded for leaving without saying goodbye.  Then we just stayed in the car, seeing as how we were already in trouble, we went to get Ben something to eat and then we went to Spencer's house for a Dr. Who fix.  What better way to spend a Saturday night!

1/2 my boys working hard
Sunday night, Christian and I decided to put together a really small puzzle (350 pieces....we finished a 3,000 piece puzzle a month ago). After we finished the border, we decided it would be fun to try and do a time lapse video. Christian set up the camera and Jessica C. and Chris E. joined us. We finished the puzzle before 11 and then Christian decided to stay up until 2 in the morning making the video - this is the end product and I think it's fantastic!

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