Wednesday, February 20, 2013

He's a bad, bad man.*

I forgot to congratulate Ashley for getting the "About a Boy" blog bucks from two post ago.  Good work! I love that movie too!

Yesterday's post title is still available!

As for today's title - I think it's fitting for the post :)

I have an issue with necklaces. That is - I have outgrown my jewelery box (I out grew it years ago).  I have been wanting to do something with my necklaces to make it easier to see my options and to keep them from getting tangled. 

I had a left over piece of wood from when my dad and I built the extra shelf in the laundry closet.

Then, Vivienne and I went to Lowe's and bought hooks, spray paint, and a picture hook. (Total cost - about $11 and I have plenty of leftover supplies for other projects).

I put the picture hook on the back first, since it involved nailing and I didn't think that would be easier with a bunch of hooks on the front.  The front hooks were probably the hardest part, and that's only cause they hurt my fingers when it got tight.  That's when the pliers came out. 

Then it was time for the paint.
Two coats later - it was ready for the wall.  Vivienne and I tried to decide the best place for it - and since it seemed to fit so perfectly next to my bathroom door - that's where we put in the nails.

We were pretty excited - high fives and hugs all around.  I'm not gifted with crafty things - so this was big victory for the Lildonbro house.


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