Thursday, February 7, 2013

I feel like the maid; I just cleaned up this mess! Can we keep it clean for... for ten minutes!*

Congratulations to Amber for getting the last blog post - I actually was quoting something that was quoting A Tale of Two Cities - so there's still 10 blog bucks to be had...if you can read my mind.

Well folks - we are in the second month of the new year and I think I bombed a few resolutions thus far.  But the great thing about the year is that it has 12 months in it - I still have 11 to improve. 

So - I was still aching about the weight gain over Christmas when I had family in town - and then I went to Texas...and like the camera - Texas adds ten pounds.  So I have even more aching going on.  In an attempt to shake off some of the Christmas/Texas gain-age, I popped in a Tae-Bo DVD the other night.  I got through the warm-up and started the stretches but there's something about Billy Blanks being able to hold his ankles and rest his head on the ground that made me give up and play Wii-Fit games instead.

But that's not the shameful/embarrassing part - the real sadness comes from how sore I am - two days later - from just the stretching (I can't begin to imagine what I would feel like had I actually started working out!)

People have their moments when they realize they are out of shape.  I had a manager once who told me her moment was when she tripped - not on her feet, just stumbled on nothing and realized that she needed to lose weight.  I guess mine would be - getting sore after stretching with Billy Blanks. 

My new years resolution was not about losing weight - but about being healthier and that includes working out - so shame on me.  I think I've worked out three times since the new year.  So yesterday I began - I figured it was a good way to begin too because I have basketball practice tonight, a dance Friday night, and a basketball game on Saturday morning (I also figured that if I failed to start last night- I would be forced to start tonight anyway - it was safe).

I was going to go running, but when I went outside I decided it wasn't warm enough and it helped that Chris was coming over to do a little yard work - so I used that as an extra excuse to put in a workout video.  I'm not a fan of work out videos - for one, they're boring, the same stuff happens every time.  At least when I go running their could be a different dog barking at me, or kids playing outside, or the leaves changing colors (and one time- my neighbor's dog just randomly joined me on the run - it was quite comical).  Because of this repetition, I have trouble not getting snarky with the person on the video.  I get annoyed with the way they count (and then lose track of what they are counting because they start talking and it happens every time), I get annoyed with their jokes that I hear every time I do the workout.  Billy got a "heck no!" when I saw him effortlessly bend his body in half and put his head on the ground, and you know what? He's always going to do that and I'm always going to get discouraged.  Leslie gets a, "Shut-up, Leslie! Don't lose count, you said four more and I've given you at least 6!" or sometimes a patronizing laugh at her jokes that will always be the same.  I don't know why I expect it to change from viewing to viewing - but I do. 

Still - I did it - if I took them out as an option I would have done nothing and that's no way to get where I want to go.  And the work out videos are still more enjoyable than running on the Wii.

Do you guys have any favorite workouts? Or ones you really hate but do anyway?


Danielle said...

LOL! I've done the P90X videos and I really do like them. There's something new everyday of the week, so it takes longer to get old.

Ashley said...

um. My mom went through a 30-year phase where she bought millions of exercise dvds. So we have millions. My 2 favorites are mine-they're 30 day shred and ripped in 30 by jilian michaels (crazy lady from Biggest Loser - she's so nuts you can't help but laugh, but the workouts are killer). - anyway, we don't really use the majority of them, so you could take them all and do a different one every day sweet! (not that they don't all use pretty much the same moves anyway).

Ashley said...

and I think your blog is the best! My laughing either increases exponentially the more I read your posts, or I feel inspired and ready to change my life!

Lacee said...

Oh, man...I literally just read this after eating a Krispy Kreme doughnut.

Amber Lanae- said...

*Dark Knight Rises


I ran yesterday...uphill...and cursed myself the entire way. Then thought, but the downhill will be so great...It wasn't.

Oh the lies we tell ourselves so we can be physically active...gotta get back in my running patern!

Amber Lanae- said...

Ps can i have extra points since I know that clip is from arrested development?

I mean...I love George Michael so seeing it was enough for me...


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