Tuesday, February 12, 2013

We don't need no stinkin' badges.*

The blog bucks from the last post are still available!

I was getting ready this morning and I put my shoes on the wrong feet (it was a rough morning - but I did switch them right away).  It got me thinking though, how some people say that they have two left feet when they don't dance well.  Why does the left foot get such a bad rap?

Non sequitur.

Friday night a big group of us went to Yorktown for a dance.  Yorktown is about an hour away - so a small group of us met at Chris's house and then headed over.

Cam and I at Chris' house.  Cam likes to put things on Instagram so he's always willing to take a photo with you.  He posted this one and his step-dad commented, "Who's that woman with her hand on my little boy?" Thought that was an interesting comment.

One thing I like to do at dances is to leave my camera on a table and let people take it from there.  I don't tell them, they don't ask, people see a camera and they want to take photos with it. So here's some of what I got.

Crystal and Chris B. knew it was my camera and wrote me a little note on that napkin :)

I noticed that they had cotton candy at this dance and the whole night turned around.  I was able to dance and have a good time (whereas before I was miserable and standing off to the side, cold and alone - just kidding).  Jay also found the cotton candy and ate about 5 of them!
He was a bit wired after that.

Me and Crystal
This is for Katie - Spencer and me

This picture actually seems fitting for Chris and me.

This is one of my favorites - and here's the story of why.

So Daniel and I always get a picture together at dances, they had this little arch on the opposite side of the room so Daniel said, "Let's go take a picture under the heart." I was like, "Um, yeah, sure, ok." So we give someone my camera and we all make our way across the room.  We get close and I say, "Daniel, that's not a heart, they're lips!" and then there is this moment that is longer than necessary, with his arms slighltly out and his look seems to say, "Well, you wanna?"  It made me uncomfortable for a second which is what I'm supposed to do to people (and let me tell you, I do a good job!) So this is right after that awkward moment breaks.  Silly Daniel.

We stayed until the end of the dance and then we even helped clean up - even though we were the out-of-town crashers.  It was a lot of fun and I'm excited for the dance coming up this weekend!


G Sauce said...

The title is killing me. It is so familiar!

Also the DFV moment is priceless. I have had a similar moment in that realm of, "wait is he serious?"

Jessica Donbrosky said...

Ha! Glad I'm not the only one!

J, K, L, and D said...

i'm a little behind on blog reading...

hooray for the pic of you & spence! I love you people. the one of daniel too. totally awkward...and totally awesome. i. love. eet.


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