Monday, February 4, 2013

Washington, nice apples.*

Congratulations to Katie for getting the last blog title.  I love that movie!

I was going to use a different line from the same movie the blog title came from but this is a family friendly blog.  But it fit this post...  I went to Texas. 

Here's my history with Texas.  The very first time I flew on my own I had a connecting flight in Texas.  I got stuck there while my layover was extended.  Another time, I got stuck there for five hours, about once every hour and a half my gate changed - we would all get up and move to a gate no where near the old one, when we finally got on the plane and in the air, we were informed we would be returning to Texas because of some issue with the plane. They gave us food vouchers that I refused to use on principle (I was young, and way more prideful back then). I have flown a lot, with many connections in Texas, so I won't tell you all about them, but rest assured, each time I have a connection in Texas, something bad happens.

Suffice it to say, I had a negative idea of Texas and when it came to my goal to visit all 50 states....I counted Texas.  I'd spent enough accumulated time there!

But...Amber is there...and I went to Arizona to see the Grand Canyon with Jesse and it wouldn't do that I went to see Jesse and wouldn't visit one of my best friends.  So I planned a trip for March (cause Amber told me that's when it was prettiest).  Then my friend, Jordan, talked me in to going in January instead and to go with him.  Then we told Amber Jordan couldn't make it and that only I was coming.  But. We. Lied.

I woke up at 4:30 in the a.m. for my flight.  Jordan met me at the house and Vivienne drove us to the airport in the snow (Thanks Viv!)  Our flight was leaving at 5:50 and we apparently missed the 30 minutes cut off to check in.  So the world's sweetest ladies (and really, they have to be to be so helpful at such an awful hour) helped us so we could make our flight.  Unfortunately, while one was helping me the other one tagged my luggage as someone else's and I looked up to see it going down the conveyor belt.  They worked quickly though, telling us to hurry to our flight.  We stood in the security line for a long time, which was odd cause it was almost 6 o'clock in the morning.  Jordan left something in his pocket and they checked him out quickly and then we hurried to our gate.  The wonderful women from the desk had called and told them to hold the plane - so yes - we were those passengers.  We boarded our plane at 5:48 for a flight set to depart at 5:50. That's what I call cutting it close.

Amber was not actually surprised about Jordan being there - apparently Jordan and I are bad liars...what a let down.  It didn't help that I sent her a text saying that I got to sit next to a cute guy and Jordan sent one not long after apologizing that he couldn't get off work to come visit.  Oops.

Our first stop was to a German pancake house where I proceeded to tell Jordan that "fanny" meant "apple" in German...and he believed me (now who's not a bad liar!?) For those wondering, the German word for apple is "apfel".
I don't know what this was - but it looked fun.

Then we went back to Amber's place to relax - we were a bit tired.
Me - realizing that Ajax has gotten REALLY heavy!

We went to the church cause Amber had to practice (she sang on Sunday at church).  Jordan and I enjoyed the sunset.

Then it was off to the Spurs game (see an NBA game live - check).  Sometimes at these athletic events I just feel like they don't make the steps big enough up top, I'm always scared I'm going to fall.  I think the two year old that clung to my leg thought the same thing.  He didn't even have that embarrassing moment where he realized he was not holding on to his mom, fear will do that to you I guess.

And then I'm pretty sure I passed out on the car ride home. Woke up to shop at Wal-Mart and then back to the house to pass out again. 


Lacee said...

That almost looks like a Spanish tortilla to me (a.k.a Spanish omelet)

Amber Lanae- said...

*Miss Congeiniality

Amber Lanae- said...

I hope there is more to come on this post! We did more then just lie in bed all the time!

Although...a lot of time was spent in the room with our crazy mattress set up, sharing stories and asking questions.

Seriously-can you guys come back?!

G Sauce said...

Sounds like you slept I rubbing off on you?

J, K, and L said...

Miss Congeniality? Shoot, Amber beat me to it.

I pass out on those big steps too! I get all anxious & junk.

Jealous you got to go visit with Amber & Rub. Love those girls.


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