Monday, February 25, 2013

It's not that we're afraid, far from it, it's just that we've got this thing about death... It's not us! *

A few weeks ago I remember thinking to myself that my accident prone days were long gone.  It had been years since any accidents with my car or body.  In college my dad had once said to me, "It's either the car or your health" and it really was.  If I wasn't going to Urgent Care or the emergency room, I was having issues with my car.


5 stitches in my finger after slicing it open with a box cutter
Broken rear window on my car (a TV not placed correctly in the back)
Second degree burns on both my feet
My car dying on I-15 because of a clogged engine
My car dying on 1-15 because the transmission died
Broken foot and sprained ankle while playing floor hockey
Car accident - totalling my car (NOT my fault surprisingly)
Hitting my back against the pavement when I was trying to learn how to ride a skateboard

Do you see what I mean? I feel like there were others but that's all I can remember at this time.

So - since it had been a while I foolishly thought that I was "cured".

Then about two weeks ago I at basketball practice and Cam came to play with us. Ruth was guarding him and I ran up to help her steal the ball from him.  I guess he didn't see me, I didn't expect him to turn the way he did and we collided.

Somehow - my head caused his nose to split...or if we look at it another way, his nose caused a huge goose egg to form on my head and maybe caused a concussion.  I can't figure if I've always been this bad with mixing up words or if it was just a temporary thing because of the accident.

Then this Thursday I was playing in a game.  It was the first quarter and I don't really know what I was doing, something tells me I was going up for a rebound because that would explain how I "came down" on my ankle wrong (have to be up to come down right Alicia Keys?)  I came down, heard a pop and heard some people go "ohhh" so I wasn't sure if I missed some action or if they heard the pop too (later I had two eye witnesses tell me different things.  Orin heard the pop too and Chris said that it just looked gross).  Ref Witt asked if I was going to walk it off or if I needed a sub.  I told him I would walk it off...and then kept walking to the bench because I changed my mind, I wanted a sub.  It hurt....a lot.

I had to sit out the rest of the game and just watch.  That was hard for me, cause I like to play and it's my last season with Chippenham.  But I did it, I think the girls held their own.  I should have probably gone straight home and iced it and elevated it - but I went out to eat with a group of people (I'm stupid) and then went home and iced it and elevated it.  There wasn't any bruising or anything, so I went to work Friday and then left early because of discomfort.

That's when I noticed the bruising.  And I cry because of how fat my foot is.

So Saturday I went to see the girls play (they did so well and almost won!) and then I went to Ortho On-Call.  Spencer and Vivienne came with me and we waited for TWO HOURS in the waiting room.  At one point, when I was hungry and cranky, I said, "I give up, let's just leave." And Spencer, who was also hungry and cranky said, "No!" I guess he figured we weren't going to just waste the time we had just spent there.  They finally took some x-rays and determined that I had three sprains...which I didn't know you could do, but I guess it makes sense.  No breaks - which I guess is good, mostly because I knew that if they set the bone I would cry like a baby and Spencer and Viv were there, I'm not ready to take it to that level.  They gave me a boot - that I can pump up with air like Air Jordan's.  I always wanted a pair of those.

Sunday, I told my nephew, Jacob, that I fought a Storm Trooper and took his boot.  Surprisingly the kid didn't believe me...he's been wise to me for a couple of years though.

So I have to wear this for 10-14 days and then go back for a check-up.  Yay....

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The Ottley's said...

This made me laughing thinking back to college. So many memories with you D!


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